Monday, June 27, 2016

Do You Have Pyramid Fever?

In my last blog post, I promised I would share two projects that I'm really jazzed about and have captured my attention.  I didn't have time to get all of the things together for both projects, so rather than wait, I'll just tell you about one for now, and get to the other one soon.
Quiltmania magazine ~ March/April 2013 issue
Have you heard about the Panama Pyramids craze?  If you haven't, you need to know about this sweet quilt.  

Quiltmania magazine ~ March/April 2013 issue
Linda Collins found this antique pyramid quilt and fell in love.  She published the pattern in the March/April 2013 issue of Quiltmania magazine (seen above.)  Since then, a true phenomenon has occurred with quilters around the globe taking part in what has turned into a Panama Pyramid frenzie!  Count me in as one of the frenzied.  
  Linda made it super easy for all of us to make a pyramid quilt of our own when she created a set of awesome templates.  No need to worry about how to match triangles as the notched points make everything....and I do mean everything line up to perfection.  Honestly, this block is as easy as a Nine Patch....promise!
I trace and cut my pieces while I'm watching TV.  These blocks are so fun to mix and match fabrics.  I'm only using my scrap stash for the pieced blocks.  I haven't yet decided on what fabric color to use for the alternate triangles that will set the quilt.  I have lots of time to decide.
It took me less than 10 minutes to machine piece my block.  Super easy.  With Linda's templates you can also hand piece the block as well.

I've long admired pieced triangle blocks and viewed them as very difficult to make.  Perhaps they would be more of a challenge without the template, but this could not be easier.  I did not anticipate how fun they are, which apparently is something I share with hundreds of quilters around the world.  

Yes....truly around the world.  I know this because I'm part of the Panama Pyramid Facebook group!  Linda Collins hosts this group of about 600 quilters (and growing!) and we recently posted where we live.  I think we have folks from five continents!  This group posts a plethora of pictures that give endless ideas and inspiration.  You can ask questions if you'd like, and look for advice about cutting and pressing...all kind of things.  It's total eye candy and such fun.

If you'd like to join the Panama Pyramid group, in Facebook, search for Panama Pyramid Sew-along 2016.  This is a closed group...just look for the place to join within the header on the page. Linda will get back with you as soon as she can.  It's that easy.

If you'd like to order a copy of the magazine and/or a set of Linda's Pyramid Templates, you can call the Homestead Hearth Quilt Shop at (573) 581-1966.

You can also buy the Pyramid Template set from The Quilt Merchant by calling (630) 480-3000.

Jump in ~ it's so fun!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Found Scraps Of Time

During evening television and over the weekend, I found scraps of time to work on some personal projects and was able to finish a few things!  Yes...I said finish!

Lady Liberty, designed by Lynn Horsford for Need'l Love ~ Liberty Threads book
I have been wanting to make this for soooo long, and now, FINALLY....she's done!  Just in time for the July 4th holiday.  I'm so jazzed....doing the dance of JOY!

I'm not sure why I am so drawn to Lady Liberty designs, but I am.  Maybe it's her strong, defiant stance?  I think she's so cool.  Love the details in this piece.  Her face is so simple, yet really suits her, don't you think?  
I didn't have to look far to find just the right fabric to frame the wool center.  The flash on my camera makes the red border from my new Star Spangled Liberty collection seem a lot brighter red than it really is.  (Don't blame the camera...the problem is with the person pressing the button.)  I substituted stars for wool pennies in the background.  Seemed appropriate, and I'm all for changing things to make them your own.
My goal is to have different wool quilts I can swap out during the year to have something wool wonderful to enjoy while I'm doing the dishes.  Presently, I have this Kim Diehl quilt to enjoy.
 Here she is in her place of honor.  Big stage over the kitchen sink!  Teehee.  Well, she really will be enjoyed all day as we all pass through the kitchen, or are in the kitchen.  
How have you been doing with finding time for a little sewing each day?  I'm not doing badly at all.  Finding more time than I thought I would now that I've set my mind to it.  

Oh, and I completely lost my mind and signed up for not one, but TWO new scrappy projects that I just could not resist.  I blame it all on my obsession/addiction, love of fabric, and apparently no will power.  

I'll show you the projects I couldn't resist in my next post.  Try not to judge me too might find yourself joining the fun!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Travels & Workshops

Next month, I'll be giving a lecture & workshop near my home, and one out of town in Maine!!

July 21st, I'll be visiting with the Pride of the Prairie Quilters Guild in Plainfield, IL, giving a lecture at 7pm that evening at the Zion Lutheran Church at 11007 Book Rd., Naperville, IL.

The following day, I'll be giving a workshop, which I believe may be already filled.   If you have any questions about this event, you can email Carol O'Dell at

The following week, my hubby and I are traveling to Augusta, Maine for three days of great fun at the 39th Annual Maine Quilt Show.  I will be giving a lecture Friday afternoon, and four workshops over three days.  One of my classes is full and the others only have a few spaces left.   
Click here to find out more about the Maine Quilt Show.

After the show, we're taking a few vacation days to drive to Vermont, a state we've never visited before.  If you know of some fun things to do while visiting Vermont, please let me know. Nothing like getting advice from someone who's been there, or lives there. 

No matter how long you've been quilting, it's good to get out of the sewing room once in awhile to take a class, and visit a guild show.  So much to see and learn, and quilt guilds are terrific organizations to support.  I can't wait to see what's in store for me while visiting both of these guilds.  I hope you'll think about attending, too!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Finding Scraps of Time

Checking in with you....being accountable about finding scraps of time here and there to work on projects that are not work related.  I've done fairly well this about you?  This morning, I prepped the bottom of this little basket block to applique later this evening.

In addition to making a few more Nine Patches, I added lots more hexies to my hexie quilt....a long term work in progress.  
And....I'm almost done with Lady Liberty, a wool project I've been pining over for years.  All I have left to stitch are a couple of stars and the details of her face.  Despite having most of the DMC floss colors, and a mountain of Weeks and Sampler over dyed threads, I don't have just the right color to match her head.  I'm stuck until I can go shopping at my local cross stitch store. close!

During work hours, we're finishing the assembly of my next BOM quilt (announcement to come in July), and completion of writing the pattern for Tokens of the Past: Union Forever!  Lots to keep me occupied.  

June, in the midwest where I live (suburban Chicago area) is a wonderful time to be outdoors. Humidity has not yet come to stay, and no mosquitos.  Perfect stitching in the evening with a glass of wine!

Post your stitching to #ScrapsOfTimeScrapsOfFabric on social media so we can all see what you're working on.  If you don't know how this works, you can Google the above hashtag and click on the Images tab at the top of the page.  Or, you can enter the hashtag in the search bar on Facebook and the entries will pop up for you.  

Have a stitch happy week!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Scraps of Time ~ Scraps of Fabric

The Quest:  Find at least 15 minutes each and every day to sew.  Sew something or prepare to sew blocks!  Make progress everyday!  No matter what.

The Usual Outcome:  Good intentions that usually don't result in patchwork derailed by a thousand other tasks more pressing. pun intended.

I mentioned in my last post that I'm already working on my next BOM program with Marcus. At the moment, I'm fortunate to be working with brand new fabrics, a new design, and I'm sewing!  Wonderful.  Most of the time, my day isn't like this.  No complaints....honestly!  Well, kinda.  I never forget how blessed I am to have this job, so I'm not complaining about that....but, as a quilter, I long to piece patchwork everyday.  Get my fix....feed my soul.  You know!  You get it.  But like most of you, our busy schedules don't always allow for that precious time spent with fabric, needles and sewing machine.  

As I was sewing yesterday where I do my best thinking, I'm feeling pretty good and loving it.  I have a bag of 1" scraps pinned to a bulletin board just behind my sewing machine, and another with tiny Nine Patch blocks I make with those 1" scraps.  The scrap bag is bulging.  The Nine Patch bag is pretty empty.  I L*O*V*E tiny Nine Patch blocks.  I want to make them by the thousands.  I have about time.  

As I'm sewing and thinking, and say to myself...oh come on....can't you find 15 minutes each day to prepare the blocks and sew them?  A little time?  There's got to be 15 minutes somewhere that you can do this!  YES....I know there is, and you know what will make me find the time?  Being accountable.  When you sew with friends, you're more accountable to keeping up so as not to disappoint them, right?  Works for me, anyway...and it's a whole lot more fun. I'm sewing and sewing, I'm thinking and thinking, why not ask you all to join me?  We can find Scraps of Time to sew Scraps of Fabric a little everyday.  What do you think?  Are you game?

Here's what I propose.....we make a commitment to each other....nothing official, no blood drawn and smeared with an official oath or anything, just a cyber pinky swear that we're in it together.  We all sew what we want a little everyday.  I'm not asking you to make a thousand 1.5 inch Nine Patch blocks with, no.  Prep and sew whatever fills your heart.   You can be accountable to me, and I will be to you.

Once a week, I'll show you my progress and report how I'm doing.  I'll post on Instagram and Facebook as well....if there's something fun to show you.  I won't bore you with how many scraps I cut today, but updates here and there, which are necessary for the accountability part of my commitment.  

If you're feeling like this is resonating in your heart and want to join the fun, post photos of your accomplishments to #ScrapsofTimeScrapsofFabric where we can all see what we're sewing.

Here's what I accomplished yesterday.  Probably not thrilling for you, but I'm very happy! Today I'll just prep more Nine Patches to sew the next day.  I sure hope this works!  And I'd love to hear from you.  How do you squeeze a little time to sew everyday?  Maybe you're like me and want to make the time...I'd love to hear from you as well.  

I feed my soul with the stitches I sew......truer words were never spoken!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tokens of the Past: Union Forever!

Here they are!!  Coming soon, my newest pattern in the Tokens of the Past series called Union Forever!

The trio made their debut at market to a big splash of excitement.  I gave a Schoolhouse presentation for both the Star Spangled Liberty BOM program, and the new Tokens: Union Forever! quilts that had everyone bursting with patriotic pride.  

The first quilt in the trio is named Honor & Glory, and for some reason, it reminds me of the medals that grace a soldiers' uniform.  Love, love, love this block!!  I think it looks fab in red, "white" and blue.
The second in the trio is called Patriot's Parade because it reminds me of pinwheels I used to hold at the July 4th parades down Main Street.  Such a sweet block!

And the third quilt in the trio is called Flag Day...because I just had to have a quilt with Flags!! always...all of the blocks for all three quilts are made using just one 10" x 10" Star Spangled Liberty precut.  

There will be a special offer for the Union Forever! trio coming the first week of July, and I'll announce it right here on my blog. 

I can't believe tomorrow is June 1st already!  Where has time gone to this year?  As soon as I returned home from market, I began work on my next Block of the Month program which will debut later this year.  And....Quilt Market brought me more fun opportunities for exciting projects in the near future.  Geesh....with all of that going on...I'd better get back to work!  

Monday, May 16, 2016

Not A Moment To Spare

The weeks getting ready to go to market are always a blur of activity and long To-Do lists.  By some miracle, and with a lot of help from my friends, the items left on the list are few, and all relate to packing my suitcase for Salt Lake City.

I've been absent from blogging more than I would have liked, but honestly, I didn't have a moment to spare each day.  Added to this wonderful mix of quilt prep was that my husband had his knee replaced, so my kids and I are helping to care for him as he recovers, and with driving him to physical therapy.  Geesh....I don't mind telling you that I'm looking forward to sitting quietly on the airplane for a few hours.  

I didn't want to leave for market without writing to you, but was puzzled for what pictures I had to add to the post.  Hhmm....I've done so much these past months, but all are secret projects until they make their debut at market.  So...all I can do is show a little sneak peek of the new Union Forever! quilts.  Sorry it's just a tease...but...check my Instagram and Facebook accounts for full-on pictures at market.  I'll try to post as much quilting goodness as I can from every aisle!

A little peek at Flag Day in Tokens of the Past: Union Forever!

A peek at Patriot's Parade in Tokens of the Past: Union Forever!

And last but not least, Honor & Glory from Tokens of the Past: Union Forever!

I am super jazzed...I mean really, really excited about these three quilts.  They are so wonderfully patriotic and were a blast to piece.  I can not wait to share them with you.  It's killing me not to be able to show you now!!!  Trust me....when I get back home, I'll share them with you and let you in on a special offer coming soon.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for not giving up on me in my blogging absence. Hoping to do better in the coming weeks.  

Happy Stitching...

Friday, April 29, 2016

Coming Soon....a New Tokens of the Past Pattern!

My Star Spangled Liberty quilts are all completed!  Pieced, quilted and bound....what a great feeling that is!!  They are temporarily gone for photography which means that very soon, I can have the pattern covers printed.  The pattern is nearly completed as well, and has many eyes proofreading every detail to deliver as problem free a pattern as is humanly possible!  

In the meantime, I've been itching to begin making the three new quilts for my next Tokens of the Past pattern coming soon.  The photo above shows the fabrics that are included in the 
10 x 10 precut of the Star Spangled Liberty collection.  I think the 10 x 10s will be available in September, but that might change.

I am so, so, so JAZZED about the three quilts in this new pattern which will be called

Tokens of the Past: Union Forever!

Boy did I have fun designing three patriotic quilts.  I mean, what's not to L*O*V*E about red, white and blue quilts anyway?  So here's a sneak peek at some sewing I'm doing for one of the three quilts.  Just a tease, I know.  Sorry!  You'll have to wait awhile longer for the big reveal.  

We're running our sewing machines hard to complete these three quilts so they can make their big debut at spring market.  

I'm really hoping you'll love them as much as I do!  

Hope you're finding time to sew something as well.  So, so good for our souls!  

Monday, April 18, 2016

Star Spangled Liberty Quilted!

The first of the two Star Spangled Liberty quilts has been quilted and the binding is in progress.  Feels great to get the to this point!  I'm dropping the second quilt off at my fabulous quilter Ronda's place today.  Aahhh...they're done!  But the work is far from being complete.  Finishing touches on the pattern and shop guides will be happening this week and then off to the proofreader to check, check and double check every little detail.  I promise more pictures when both quilts are bound.  

Thank you!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment to my last blog post.  It feels nice to hear from all of you, and believe me, I read each and every comment.  Loved hearing your thoughts on which fabrics, patterns and BOM programs inspire you to want to buy and or make them.  So much of what you said resonates with me, too!

These 8 comments were randomly chosen to receive the Heartspun Quilts pattern of their choice:  

Jennifer - Pam, your Star Spangled Liberty is wonderful. I feel this question is a bit hard because it can be a number of things like, color, print, design etc. I guess it's more a feeling it gives me, warms my heart, a familiar comfortable I got to have you kind of feeling: ) 

Patti - I need no spurring, I just love to buy fabric. And I have a wide range of taste. I buy more when a fabric evokes a feeling or memory. The BOM is lovely.

Jill - I buy and make what speaks to me, it's that simple I guess.
Gwenette - Be still my heart!!! I love anything red, white, and blue!! Your new pattern is so Americana!!!

Sunny - I love mostly old fashioned, traditional type patterns. And I love fabric. Most fabric. No rhyme nor reason to what I buy. I'm not good with BOM's because I lose interest if I can't keep working on something. And I'm on a fixed income, so if I can make something from my scraps or stash, it's all very good!!

Kathy F. - Pam, your fabrics are simply stunning. I am in awe with each new selection. It is obvious you love what you do. You inspire me. Thank you.

Aunt Bee - I love your work...but like many others, we are retired. Our income does not go up any more which is sad because our wants still do! And with MS the medical bills are sky high. Good thing I worked for a quilt store and stocked up and have a good stash. When doing a BOM I look for something different...something that I may only have to add 1 or 2 fabrics to. And this is a big one! Are the patterns offered free?  Thanks for listening and all your excellent work!

Anonymous - I love doing block of the months, it is always hard to decide which one to do, I had 3 going last year and didn't enjoy them as much so I think now I will stick to one at a time. I am not sure what draws me in, I read a lot of blogs and Instagram, sometimes it is just love at first site. This quilt is amazing, I will have to hold off on doing a block of the month so maybe I can do this one.

Please email me at with your mailing address and which pattern you chose.  Thanks so much for your comments! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Moment You Get Your First Look

At this moment, this glorious moment.....when all of the piecing of the "parts" of a quilt are're about to get your first look at what the quilt really looks like.  So exciting!

Star Spangled Liberty is about to become a real quilt instead of an EQ drawing.  Drum roll, please!

My friend Deb and I pieced the quilts just as you will, by following the monthly patterns.  I'm writing as I am piecing, checking and double checking what seems like a million details, all to deliver (to the very best of my ability!) a perfect BOM program.

By the time you read this, I'll be sorting blocks, adding sashing and borders, and seeing what was a creation of my imagination come to life.  

I know I've been kinda MIA from my blog the last week or so, and now you know why.  Don't think I'm not thinking about blogging, or wondering how you all are doing.  You've been quiet, too!

So....let's get some chatter going here.  

Leave me a blog comment on what spurs you to buy that great piece of fabric, a quilt pattern, or sign up for a BOM.  What is it about that product that says "I have to have that", or "I really want to make that?"

On Monday, I will choose a bunch of you to receive the Heartspun Quilts pattern of your choice!!  (PWSC patterns not included.)  To be fair to everyone, only comments left to this blog post will be entered.  If you leave your comments anonymously, is most helpful to type your email address at the end of your comment like this: PamAtHeartspunQuiltsDotCom  

Enjoy your weekend!!  You know what I'll be doing.....sewing!!  Yippee!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Star Spangled Sewing

I've been keeping myself pretty busy these days....
The rotary cutter has been getting a good workout.....
The computer keyboard has been getting a good workout, too!
The sewing machine has been humming along....
Finally....after months and months and months of planning, designing and thinking....
It's beginning to come together!  So exciting!!  

Hope there's some Star Spangled Sewing 
in your future!  
Come on and join the fun!  

Star Spangled Liberty begins this August at a quilt shop near you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Is Renewal For The Soul

Banner Header from Brave Girls Club website

I'm deep into writing and stitching for my Star Spangled Liberty BOM program (making both quilts at the same time and loving it!!) so I don't have a lot to talk about that's new from Heartspun Quilts at the moment, but wanted to share something positive that I enjoy everyday.

Each day, whether it be in our own personal lives, on the news, or at work, there doesn't seem to be an end to the bad news and negativity thrown at us on a daily basis.  It can bum a girl out!

I wanted to share a wonderful, positive force that comes to my inbox of charge.
Brave Girls Club
The Brave Girls Club is by women, for women, and is nothing but positive, warm and fuzzy reminders of goodness and kindness.  I subscribe to their daily emails and often....some of them really speak to me!  I have printed some of the messages and pinned them to by bulletin board to remind myself of a particular message I need to remember.   

Here are a few of my favorite blog post links:

Perhaps the Brave Girls Club is not for everyone, but I think there are a lot of you who would sincerely enjoy it as much as I do.  It's positive, it's free, and it's uplifting.  It's so nice to know that there are people out there who are powered by the positive just like you and me.  Click here to sign up for their daily emails.

Just wanted to pass along something good to all of my many friends around the world.  With the miracle of Spring happening all around us in the budding trees and flowers, it's a good thing to also encourage happiness and renewal within our mind, heart and souls.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Celebrate National Quilting Day with a SALE!!!

I goofed.  I've been known to goof now and again.  (I'd like to think it wasn't often, but certain people I live with might disagree with that.  What do they know anyway, right?!!  Teehee!)  

I thought National Quilting Day was the 16th.'s not until Saturday, the 19th.  No biggie...let's just celebrate the rest of the week.  Sound like a plan? Sure, why not!

In celebration, I am having a sale on all of my fabrics!!  

Visit my website starting right now until midnight, Saturday March 19th to save 

20 to 25% off on all my fabric offerings and discounts on postage, too!!  
Lots and lots of assorted Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles are on sale!
You'll find an assortment of quilt kits on sale as well.  
While quantities last.

Go forth and surf....your stash needs to be fed!!  

Monday, March 14, 2016

Scrap Giveaway Winners

My thanks to everyone...all 300+ of you, whom took the time to comment for a chance to receive a small box of my scraps.  I read each and every comment, and honestly can't tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading each one!  As I was reading, I wished that I had a box to send to everyone, and while I accumulated a lot of scraps, I don't have that many!!

Here are the three comments selected to receive a part of the big box:


I'm making the 365 day challenge quilt and you need really little pieces so scraps are just what I need! I purchased small containers & sorted my colors accordingly
Your scraps are perfect for my project! 


I use Bonnie Hunter's scrap saving system pretty much with a couple additions that come from using my accuquilt dies.  I have one drawer called "bits" they are pretty small less than 1 1/2" side for doing miniature or doing string piecing to make a larger piece.  Thanks for sharing your scrap bin with us!


Hi Pam,
I haven't been quilting very long, so right now it works for me to save most of my scraps by the project that created them.  I seem to know where to look for them better that way.  I can imagine that, as my scrap collection grows, I'll need to find another way.  I have saved scraps as small as 1 inch squares on up.  The boxes in your photos look very useful.  I'm not working on a scrap project at the moment but have several patterns waiting for more scraps.  Your scraps would really give my scrap collection a much needed boost!  Thanks so much!

Please email your snail mail addresses to me at

One thing that occurred to me while reading many comments is that I wish I had devised an organization system for my scraps
when I first began piecing.  That way, I could sort and file my scraps for use later, and find them easily when I needed them for that new project.  The one bad thing about making scrappy quilts is how labor intensive they are.  Worth it, for sure, but if you can cut down on the amount of time it takes to choose and prep the scraps, and get to sewing, it would be a big help!  Just sayin' take it for what it's worth out there.

Did you know that Wednesday, March 16th is National Quilting Day?

Be sure to check my blog post Wednesday morning for a special limited-time offer in celebration of National Quilting Day.  

Now, I'm headed back to work at the sewing machine (JOY) piecing blocks for Star Spangled Liberty.  I will definitely post some block photos on Instagram and Facebook later today as well.  Hope you get some time to sew today, too!